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Recovery from Sexual Compulsive Behavior


With a culture where pornography is available on our hand held devices, we have an epidemic of pornography addiction. Sex addicts often hide a secret life that can include affairs, prostitutes, erotic massage, one night hook ups, and a life full of pornography and masturbation. It is not a matter if porn comes across your path, but when. Partners experience the guilt and shame of the addict as well as mistrust, grief, fear, hyper-control and low self-esteem. There is often relational trauma, or PTSD.

We have also seen numerous cases of Intimacy/Sexual Anorexia. This is where one partner actively withholds emotional connect and love. This is often seen by long periods where there is no sex, or sex is for the benefit of one partner and feels obligatory, The symptoms are feeling like a roommate, or a business partner, and not like a lover or a spouse. Very often it is described as being “married but alone”.

You are not alone. You don’t need to try to recover alone. We want to introduce you to Wayne and Catherine Hendrickson, and a ministry that talks about an intensely private subject. Pornography, adultery, betrayal and sexual brokenness.


  • We offer:

    • Couples Counseling - dealing with pornography, infidelity, Individual counseling - directed at compulsive sexual behavior

    • Spouse/Partner Counseling

    • Teen and Family Counseling

    • Intimacy & Sexual Anorexia

    • Marriage Counseling

    • Spouse/Partner Groups

Wayne Hendrickson, M.Div, SRPC, IAPC


M.Div. Bethel Seminary, St. Paul MN
(Pastoral Counseling Emphasis)

CPE: Baptist Hospital, St Paul MN
(Clinical Pastoral Education)

(American Assocociation for Sex Addition Therapy Sexual Recovery Pastoral Counselor)

(Intimacy Anoerexia Pastoral Counselor)  

Spouse’s Recovery Coach
(American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy)


Men’s Recovery Group:

Our mens group that meets weekly supports men giving them tangible tools to meet their sexual integrity goals. Healing comes from willingness to break the secret and isolation, and meet with others that struggle.


Wayne’s Story:

Wayne started recovery for his pornography addiction in 2000. After 20 years in full time Christian ministry, his secret was discovered and his life changed. Since then he has been in recovery and with education and training has helped many people who suffer from the impact of this secret affliction. Thus the emphasis on sexual addiction and pornography. We have to begin to talk about it, and remove the intense shame that accompanies the problem.  So his counseling comes with personal experience and understanding of the recovery process and successful sobriety.


You can be redeemed, and have a healthy, faithful, intimate relationship.


Minister Friendly:
“From my own experience I know that many in full time ministry struggle silently with this issue. We are available to come to your church and talk about this issue in any forum you feel appropriate.”  Open to all Christian beliefs and denominational affiliations. Counseling offered to non-churched oriented persons as well.


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Catherine Hendrickson

Recovery Coach Training
(the Addictions Academy)
Spouse’s Recovery Coach
(American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy)


Spouse/Partner Groups:

Often the partner of the spouse carries the shame of the one who has betrayed them. There is a tremendous loss of self-esteem and sometime spouses can suffer from relational trauma and need help so they do not withdraw from society or the things that once brought them joy. There is help in grieving the losses, and moving past the shame so they can live uplifting lives that God intended them to live.


Healing often comes in the group setting, where the partners voice can be heard and affirmed. There is reinforcement that the partners bad behavior is not their fault, even though the offending spouses repeatedly blames them for everything. Shared experiences and the opportunity to share and hear the stories of others validates and encourages recovery.


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"Wayne is an excellent counselor. During marriage counseling, he has this fantastic ability to take in even heated discussions between us and, not only remember what each spouse is saying, but also to hear and know what is really being communicated in these exchanges. He gets to the heart of the matter."
Jim and Debbie




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